Day 1 Sugar free

I was sat on the sofa on Tuesday night when a Facebook post reminded me that it was February tomorrow… January has literally just flown by. So what better time to start with serious effort to stick to it.

I’m sure it was a sign. I already had the food delivery that day. The meals had been planned. I was not shy to going sugar free. The only real change I needed to make was to stop diving in to the leftover sweets from Christmas. I actually think I should just bin them….

So Day 1. How was it for you?

I found it fairly easy. I had nothing around me to tempt me. I had the determination to do it and the sweet tin was out of site.

I started the day with a workout. My go to HIIT session with The Body Coach. I had been doing his January bootcamp but due to personal reasons I got behind with them so have picked up where I left off.

  • Breakfast was porridge with grated green apple (lower in sugar than red) and cinnamon. Porridge made with almond milk (unsweetened).
  • Lunch was a my good old one pan fry up of bacon, eggs, tomato, mushrooms and avocado.
  • I snacked on a piece of mature cheddar (cheese is my weakness).
  • For dinner I had a chicken roast which consisted of Chicken (obviously), carrots, peas, green beans, roasted parsnip, onion and butternut squash. The kids and hubby had roast potatoes with theirs.
  • My second snack was a green apple and whole earth organic peanut butter.
  • I drank lots of tea but not enough water so I plan to up the fluids tomorrow.


Jaimee x

Cutting the sugar…

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