Virtual runner…The unicorn medals

Back in January I entered the girls into a virtual run. A brilliant way of earning medals with out the need to attend a race which some of us may find overwhelming and not quite ready for or maybe even are too young for which was the case with my 2. I have always thought about putting them into the fun runs at races I have entered but they have always clashed with my start time or been whilst I have been running and quite frankly I want to watch or better still join in.

When I came across Virtual Runner UK I was so excited. They literally have the most amazing medals to choose from and because they do not have the cost fees that come with setting up a race it meant that most of the money received for entering goes to a charity. All different charities benefit from them depending on who the sponsor for that medal has chosen.

Its an extremely motivating way of getting you moving. With Virtual Runner UK you do not even have to run it you can choose to walk and you can break it up into 2 parts which is what we did for ours…

When I spotted the unicorn medal I knew there were 2 girls that would want this medal so much. We had to run 10km throughout the month of January. We managed to complete it in 2 weeks by attending 2 Parkruns.

Once you have completed the runs and distance you submit your evidence… ours was in the form of our confirmation emails that we had completed it. Then the medals are posted out.

They arrived so quickly. Here are my girls receiving theirs… Their faces say it all.


To get other ideas of how you can get the kids active read my post Fitness with the kids…how I keep mine active. There are so many fun ways you can get them up and about.

Keep following us for more ideas…

Jaimee x

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