Thrifty Thursday… Frozen Fruit

Its that time again for another Thrifty Thursday. This weeks money saving tip goes to these huge bags of frozen fruit I found in Lidls. For 750g these bags of mixed berries and a bag of strawberries cost me £2.39 each (Jaw drops to the ground).

I am a massive lover of frozen fruit. I use it all the time for my porridge and with natural yogurt as a snack.

To buy fresh fruit in this quantity especially in the winter would set you back mega bucks. A 200-250g punnet of strawberries would cost you £2-£3 so for an extra 39p I got myself 3 times more.

Frozen fruit is as good for you as fresh is and you never have the problem of it losing its freshness.

Usually buying frozen fruit in any supermarket works out cheaper especially during the winter months so next time your doing your shopping do your own comparison and see if you can save yourselves some pennies.

Jaimee x

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