Fitness with the kids…how I keep mine active

Finding ways to get the kids out and about and moving instead of sat in front of the telly can be so hard, especially in winter. I was never an active person until I started running, and even that didn’t come easily. It still doesn’t. But my girls have spent the last few years watching me run and working out in front of my telly.

They love to join in. In fact I reckon most kids would given half the chance. Here are a few of my tips that work with my girls.

  • Take them along to your local park run
  • Enter a virtual race on line where you can walk or run in a period of time the distance you choose. We are doing the 10km challenge in January to win ourselves a unicorn medal. virtualrunneruk
  • Try this colour in shoe. Each time they walk or run a km they get to colour a square in. img_8219
  • Give them a reward for every challenge complete. So for us they will get a £1 for every park run they take part in which they will collect over the year and then they have the money to choose what they want to do with it.
  • Get them to earn their pocket money if they do x amount of exercise.
  • Get them to join in with the exercise you do especially if its a workout DVD or even a youtube workout. There are so many online. Give one a try.
  • Head over to our Youtube channel and let your kids workout with mine. They would love to know others are joining in with them.

Get fit with the Fitness cousins

HIIT with Niamh and Leila

Fitness with Ellie

Fitness with Niamh

My girls love to join in with me and love a burpee. They have filmed their own fitness videos. They even planned what they were going to do in it. They loved making them.

Jaimee x


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