How I get my children to try new things..


It has to be one of every parents biggest challenges. I wish I had been stricter when they were younger but hey ho I wasn’t so now I am faced with the battles most parents have at the dinner table when it comes to getting the kids to try new foods especially vegetables.

When I started my healthier eating I begun introducing new foods to my girls too. I didn’t want to 1 make them different meals to me and 2 have an unhealthy diet while I was nourishing my body with a healthier lifestyle.

It is one of the reasons I was converted from buying into fad diets as I realised how damaging that was to my girls awareness of food. There is no reason to be on a “diet” when you can eat whole foods with no unrefined sugar in your diet. Or at least very little of it anyway. This is the lifestyle I will be fully exploring this year.

img_3065When trying to get the kids to try something new make it fun! What works with my girls is if I turn this into a challenge.

Before Christmas we had the Brussel sprout challenge. We all had to eat 1 Brussel sprout including myself (don’t tell them but I’m actually starting to like them now). They were not fans of them but they tried them and that is all I can ask for right now. Little steps.

We do challenges like this a lot. Today I made a roast dinner with a number of vegetables that they have tried but not liked and some they have never tried. They closed their eyes and tried each one. They had to guess what it was and decide if they liked it or not. We actually now have some new vegetables to their like list so another win for mummy.

Just because in the past they have said they do not like something do not stop with the trying. They need to train their tastebuds to like these things. Even if you only put a taste size amount on their plate. Keep going. Find what works for you but keep going!!!!

Jaimee x

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