New year new you! Make it a good one…

So did we all achieve the goals and new years resolutions we set ourselves for 2016? How many of you will be setting the same goals? If you did achieve it massive well done! If you didn’t ask yourselves these questions why and together we can work on setting something achievable!

Was your goal a realistic one?

What got in your way to achieving it?

Could you have made changes to help you achieve it?

Could anyone or thing have helped you to achieve it?

What could you do differently this time?

I have never been a fan of setting “SMART” goals it sounds too work based, so I have gone on a quest to find a new acronym to help us with this years goal setting! Quite frankly they were all pretty boring so I made my own! Not so much focused on setting goals but something we can all be doing!

J– Junk! eat less of it! Limit the convenience foods to rare occasions.

U– Unrefined! Stick with unrefined sugars and carbohydrates like those found in fruits, whole grains and legumes.

N– Nutritious! Base your diet on good nutritious food! Don’t forget your water. Drink plenty of it!

K– Kick butt! You have this. Believe in yourself. Start today not tomorrow! And finally I believe you can do it!

As I have said before I do not set weight goals for myself now. It has its place and for some it can be a motivator but it can also be very demotivating. There is nothing worse than stepping on the dreaded scales to see no change or a gain in weight. I have shed many a tear over it and obsessed over it for too much of my life. Naturally if you make healthy changes to your lifestyle you are very likely to lose weight if you have some excess to lose. Measure this by how your clothes feel, measuring the inches or better still with before pictures.

For me I would like to tighten up those wobbly bits around my tummy and lowering my body fat (not that I can measure this without some help). More importantly for me its about living a healthy lifestyle. One that physically and mentally makes me happy. I will do this by improving my diet and fitness and this time next year I will have achieved this!

I’d quite like to try new things and want to give yoga a go. My theory is if I can work on my posture and flexibility I’ll stand more chance achieving my goal.

Setting your goals…

  • They should be small achievable goals. It is better to over achieve than not reach your goal.
  • Make small changes one step at a time. No more than 2 at any 1 time.
  • Adapt to your new lifestyle slowly. There is no rush this is not going to be something that happens over night. But by next year you will look back and think wow I did it!
  • If your goal is to lose weight then focus on losing no more than 2lbs a week. Anymore than this is not going to be fat it is likely to be lean tissue. Now I don’t know about you but if I am going to sweat it out building muscle I sure don’t want to then lose it all just to see the scales say a lower number!
  • Follow my JUNK to achieve your healthier lifestyle!

Once you have set your goal you are ready to get started.

Do not become restrictive! Allow yourself a treat every now and then. I don’t think any of us should go on some kind of diet that cuts out large food groups its as simple as making the right kind of choices. If you know you will be going out for a meal or a night on the town plan for it by being super healthy the week leading up to it.

Be a role model! Especially for those of you that have kids. If you eat nutritious foods your kids will too. They do not discover foods with out being introduced to them in the first place. This goes for good and bad foods. They may not take to this lifestyle change as quickly as you will but it will come in time and at the very least you may save them from a life of diets and misery in later life.

Your body is your temple look after it!

Some tips to see you achieve this new year…

Peer pressure…Its a real pain in the arse. Its not just something that happens in your teenage years. It continues into adulthood! You are your own person you can make your own decisions. If you do not want to eat “just one biscuit” or “just one drink” or “just have one night off” then don’t! It takes some willpower believe me but eventually you’ll say no enough and people will stop doing it!

Planning…Plan your exercise. If you schedule your exercise and prepare yourself mentally for it you will do it and feel better for it. Schedule it for when you know you are more likely to do it. For me this is first thing in the morning. If I leave it I’m less likely to do it without some real effort.

Plan your meals… Meal planning is my number 1 key to success. I probably could be a lot better at it if I planned my lunches too but I would fail repeatedly if I didn’t plan our evening meals. Not only does it save the thinking it can save on food waste and in turn keep your food shop down! I schedule in a treat night and do you know what I actually sometimes opt out of it! I think the reason this works for me is I haven’t restricted it from my diet therefore I am not craving it!

Do not shop when hungry…wow how many times have you done this? And how many times have you walked out of the shop with a trolley full of very much unwanted items. Not only will your concentration be lacking (food fuels our brains) you will be wanting to eat everything in site. Go with a list and stick to it!

Do not use food as therapy…the reason we feel like sweet foods are what we need when we are unhappy about something is because of the feel good factor you get when your blood sugar rises. Remember it will plummet and you will be left feeling worse than before.

Wishing you all a happier, healthier new year ahead!!!

Jaimee x

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