Day 6: 12 day Christmas Challenge

Well done you have made it half way!! And as a gift to you I am giving you a rest day!

So remember my tips from Day 3 to move more. You should continue with this and as an added challenge why not try to eat your 5 a day! If you already are achieving this then why not add in a few more. Try to consume as many colours of the rainbow as you can. Limit your fruit to 2 pieces a day and fill half your plate with nutritious vegetables.

5 reasons we should be eating our 5 a day:

  1. Good source of vitamins and minerals
  2. Good source of dietary fibre
  3. They can help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke
  4. They contribute to a healthy balanced diet
  5. They taste yummy and you can do so much with them to make a tasty meal.

Make yourself a yummy soup or some roasted veg to accompany your dinner. Keep it bright and interesting.


Remember you can not out run a bad diet!! Diet and fitness go hand in hand neither works without the other.

See you tomorrow for Day 7!!! We are on the real countdown for Christmas now.

Jaimee x

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