Day 5: 12 day Christmas Challenge

Welcome to day 5. If you are just joining us its not too late to have a little fun. If you are giving up then don’t!!! Come on you know you can do this. All I’m asking for is less than 30 minutes of your day.

This one will take just over 15 minutes unless you need to take more rest between circuits. Its a bit of a mini HIIT session (High intensity interval training). Take it at a pace you are comfortable with but the idea is to feel puffed out and work really hard.

Work for 30 seconds and rest 30-45 seconds! If you are a pro work for 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest.

You will find my Youtube video here. I work for 40seconds rest 20seconds but I will say once we reach 30seconds if you need to stop.

Jumping jacks (do a modified jumping jack if you are a beginner)

High knees


Squat with shoulder press. Add a jump if you can manage it!


Walking lunges


and repeat 4 times

Feeling proud of you for keeping with me and keeping me going too!

We are going to feel so good for Christmas!!

See you tomorrow for day 6!

Jaimee x

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