Day 4: 12 day Christmas Challenge

Welcome to day 4. For today all you will need is your own body weight. You will complete the circuit 4 times. If you are more advance you can do these exercises whilst holding some dumbbells or a kettle bell to increase the effort. Remember to squeeze and pull those muscles in to feel them working.

Do 4 circuits with a minute rest in between each circuits. Don’t forget to grab a drink and do some stretches and a warm up before you start.

You will find my YouTube video here where we can workout together. Watch to the end to see my out-takes. Its not all glamour in showbiz haha!

Squats with shoulder press 15 reps


Lunges 15 reps (each leg)


Calf raises 12-15 reps


Bridge 15-20 reps (you really need to squeeze your bottom in for this one)


Wall sit for 30 seconds (or keep going until your legs begin to wobble for an extra challenge)


Well done! Don’t forget to have a drink to rehydrate after all your workouts!

If you have missed any of my other workouts you can find them here… Day 1: Christmas challenge and Day 2: Christmas Challenge

See you tomorrow for day 5. Its going to be a fun one!!!

Jaimee x


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