Day 3: 12 day Christmas Challenge

Yay you have done so well that today is a rest day. Rest is important to let those muscles repair after the work you’ve put in, but make sure you still get plenty of steps in.  We should be aiming for 10,000 steps a day. If you were to stand up every hour and make a short walk to the toilet, up the stairs, do a bit of cleaning, go and make a cuppa, or a short walk you will soon make these up.

I know this can be tough for those that have to sit at a computer everyday but a short break from your desk is not only beneficial for your health it also helps with your concentration. Better concentration = more work.

So my challenge for today if you have a way of tracking is to see if you can reach this. If you do not have a snazzy watch to do this for you, you can download an app for your phone.


On the hour every hour stand and make that short walk and just generally be more active in the day with out the need to track it.


I set myself the challenge yesterday to see how possible it would be. I had cracked it before 5pm and as I sit here now typing my step count was at 10,687. I decided to put my feet up after doing all that.

So what did I do to achieve the steps… walked too and from school so thats 4 trips in all. Then a quick run around the supermarket. A quick run around a clothes shop getting the last Christmas present on the list. Then in all honesty I barely moved as I sat wrapping presents for a good chunk of the day. Followed by spending the night in front of the telly. I deserved it after reaching my goal.

Obviously we can’t go shopping everyday but if you can walk more in time you will feel the benefits. I know if I sit for too long I feel less energetic if I’m just constantly moving. Its a vicious circle we get ourselves stuck into.

If you have missed Day 1: Christmas challenge and Day 2: Christmas Challenge then you can start today just follow the link.

You can find them on my YouTube channel veryhealthycaterpillar! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel to get notified when a new video is uploaded!

See you back here tomorrow for day 4 of my Christmas challenge. Its going to be fun. Nothing but yourselves needed for this one.

Jaimee x

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