Day 2: 12 day Christmas Challenge

Welcome to day 2 of my health and fitness challenge. Today we will need a chair to do these exercises. If you missed day 1 you can find it here Day 1: Christmas challenge.

Find the workout on my YouTube channel veryhealthycaterpillar! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel to get notified when a new video is uploaded!

You will need to repeat each circuit 4 times with up to 2 minutes rest between each circuit. Please note there is only a 1 minute rest on the video! It will take you less than 30 minutes.

Lets get started…

Do a little warm up like jogging on a spot for a few minutes and a few stretches to get you started.

Chair squats 10-12 reps


Tricep dips 10-12 reps


Standing hip extension 10-12 reps


Lunges (each leg) 10-12 reps


Press ups 10-12 reps

Fab work thats day 2 complete!

Now give those muscles a stretch and don’t forget your water!

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