Day 1: 12 day Christmas challenge

Welcome to day 1 of my health and fitness challenge. Not only will it get you prepared for Christmas it will give you a little taste of some of the things I do in my very own home. I am not a fitness instructor so these are my own personal workouts I have created with beginners in mind. If you’re already a pro then I have added in ways to make it more intense.

All you will need for day 1 is some stairs! It should take you less than 20 minutes to complete this one (I am feeling kind)… You need to repeat the circuit 4 times and rest for up to 2 minutes between each circuit. If you are already into your fitness then my advice is to repeat the circuit up to 5 times and rest for 1 minute between circuits.

Follow this link to do the workout with me on my YouTube channel veryhealthycaterpillar. The quality isn’t that great I’m hoping santa might bring me a new camera!!!

Do a short warm up like jogging on a spot and a few stretches before you begin!

So we will begin..On the first day of Christmas…


  • Run up a set of stairs and walk back down for 40 seconds


  • Calf raises 10-12 reps


  • Walking lunge for 40 seconds either up the stairs or along your hallway


  • Modified Push ups from the bottom step (full if you can manage) 10-12 reps

Now its time to stretch out those muscles and have a large glass of water to rehydrate! Well done thats day 1 complete!


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