The chaos of Christmas..

I am sat here reading through all the Christmas blogs being posted and it dawned on me how much pressure we put on ourselves to create this lavish Christmas dinner that the family sit down to enjoy for a maximum of 1hr out of the day!!!

So why do those of us that create this lavish dinner spend so many hours slaving away over it. Or is that just my mum…. (mum if you are reading this I’m sorry for what I am about to say) Is it a learnt habit from our parents that we continue with the same traditions in the only way we know how. This is how a typical Christmas dinner goes with my family..

Out of the 33yrs of my life I’d say the majority (almost 30yrs of it) has been spent at my mums enjoying what I can only describe as the most lavish and delicious Christmas dinner! I know everyone that has tasted it would agree. Trust me its amazing!

In everyday life she is a pretty organised person! Think spreadsheets, planners and generally everything has its place. So why would her Christmas dinner be any different. The making of Christmas dinner begins the week leading up to the big day. So I am not just talking about a morning of creating the dinner, we are talking about days. I should also mention months  of thought has gone into the dinner as well as the making and creating of the table to display it!!!

There is a spreadsheet for timings for the actual day of what needs to go into the oven and when. Its how I would imagine the Army would do it!!

The hard work starts on Christmas Eve! Behind the scenes you will find a peeler, pots and pans everywhere while she preps the veg, stuffing and pigs in blankets. I am usually working for this part so I rarely get to see the wild haired creature that I can only assume leaves that kitchen by the end of the day!!

The next day its all hands on deck…ok just me and my sister then to help with the rest and keep her glass topped up. I think we probably just get in the way secretly as she pulls at her hair and paces the kitchen like a women on a mission. This dinner will be perfect but of course no erratic women who plans like this would have a worry free day that it will fail! It hasn’t yet so why would it? She is well accustomed to it,  so practically a professional!

If the turkey makes it to the table without being dropped on the floor (have I let your secret out?) and my mum isn’t too warn out and tipsy to enjoy it herself we’d all be a happy family. We have to have all the trimmings I mean every trimming you can possibly think of is there. Multiple stuffings and meat, a rainbow of vegetables and every condiment associated with Christmas is on the table. There is enough food to feed a restaurant full of people. She even makes it look that professional with all her heated hot plates. Its amazing that we actually manage to find somewhere to put our plates!

The table looks like something out of an ideal home magazine with all the personal touches. I honestly think she’s in the wrong job.

Christmas at my mums is honestly so perfect!

Last year I dared to invite her to mine for Christmas to give her the day off. I prepped talked them all before hand by hinting that Christmas at mine would not be on the same level as hers. Alas it would appear I am equally as erratic and as much of a worrier as she is. The meat was ordered months in advance, Christmas eve you would have found me in the kitchen with a peeler and pots and pans everywhere. Shear panic set in on the big day that it would not be tasty. I didn’t have a spreadsheet but I did have all the timings written down (I learnt from the best). The turkey was not dropped on the floor, the glass of wine was being topped up and I do not usually drink. I made it to the table too tipsy, hot and bothered to eat much. It was definitely not as lavish and there were no ideal home decorations on my table but I tried. It actually tasted pretty yummy.

It would seem that I did indeed learn from my mum and I doubt I’ll ever change my crazy ways. It’s part of me now!

Secretly I know its because we love to make everyone happy and for me and my mum the best way we know how is through the stomachs of our loved ones….

I hope you all have a crazy Christmas like mine

Jaimee x

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