10 tips to surviving the festive period when surrounded by sugar!

img_7215So we are in the final weeks before Christmas. A time of year where the food and drinks are continuously flowing. The evenings out and family celebrations are a plenty. It is almost impossible to stay on track with your diet and fitness but it is possible to limit the damage.

No wonder we all set the same New Years resolution to get healthier and fitter for the year when we have just spent a month eating everything in site. Its pretty impossible to control the kids too. I mean its the only time of year where every morning before they have eaten breakfast they are presented with a chocolate from behind a little window to help them count down the sleeps to father Christmas arriving.

We can’t possibly go through December without having a few treats. It would be very boring if we did and not only are we likely to fail we shouldn’t feel guilty about it either. I know I won’t!

I am one of these people that massively over indulges over christmas. I say to myself I will be good and it never happens!!!! Last year I set myself probably an unrealistic weight goal to hit before Christmas eve. I very nearly didn’t reach it. I did but it was torture leading up to it. I do not weigh myself too often now as I have done away with setting weight goals. So this year my tips to having a successful Christmas are:

Tip 1: Fitness! Exercise is so important and I try and do some intense exercise at least 4 times a week 5 even better especially the week of Christmas. For me this is a mix of resistance and HIIT training, maybe even a short run or a lovely family walk. I will schedule these in at the beginning of the week and plan my days around it.

Tip 2 : Make sure the days I exercise are the days I know I’ll be having a treat or 2 ie the works Christmas party and family gatherings. Why not go for a stroll after the Christmas dinner. It will at least help you feel less uncomfortable.

Tip 3: Try and make better choices when eating out. It’s ok to have a treat but if you can do it the least damaging way you will feel better for it. If you know you are going to be eating out make the meals leading up to it healthy choices.

Tip 4: Make the days leading up to Christmas and New Year really count. For me this will be very little sugar, sticking to 3 main meals and no more than 2 snacks a day. Have plenty of healthy food in the house so that you are less likely to open the box of chocolates taunting you.

Tip 5: Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day, but try not to let a bad day turn into a bad week. Damage limitation is key.

Tip 6: Everything in moderation. If you have read my blog Cutting the sugar… you will know how a sugar crash can make you feel. I may just buy myself some dark chocolates this year to avoid over indulging on the selection boxes.

Tip 7: Portion control. Its far to easy to pile the plate high of food but this is only going to lead to bloating and feeling uncomfortable. There is no reason why you can not enjoy a full Christmas dinner and allow some room for pudding. Give yourself time to feel full by eating your dinner slowly. Have plenty of vegetables!

Tip 8: Plan your week. I always meal plan anyway but there is never a more important time than December when we are very busy doing things. If your meals are planned you are far more likely to stick to it than if they are not. Set the slow cooker up for a tasty home cooked meal after a days Christmas shopping. You will be pleased you did.

Tip 9: Make some healthy alternatives to your usual pudding. I plan to make a few treats myself that I will feel less guilty about and will probably enjoy more.

Tip 10: Be realistic about your goals. You are not likely to lose a lb in the week of Christmas. Give yourself a day or 2 off over the Festive period! You will soon get back on track.

My ultimate goal is to not ruin a years worth of hard work. I have never felt better and I know as much as I would love to let myself go completely it would very likely lead me into a downward spiral of regret and disappointment.

Hopefully I will come back to this blog in 4wks time happy that I achieved all this and set myself some new goals for 2017! I hope you do too!

Have a merry Christmas everyone


4 thoughts on “10 tips to surviving the festive period when surrounded by sugar!

  1. Sunita says:

    Crikey we are wondering whether to get in the big bucket of Quality Street yet? Is it too early and will we have any left for Christmas Day? Cheekily, we have eaten the gold coins which I bought for the girls’ advent calendar. I’m sure they will be ok with raisins….;) #coolmumclub


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