St Neots half marathon…the one I nearly didn’t do and got myself a new PB

Well what can I say. Yesterday I surprised myself and embarked on a challenge I actually thought I would not see through to the end.

I had decided a few months ago that I just did not have the energy to take part in a half marathon in my home town that I had entered nearly a year ago.

Various reasons in my life meant I had far too much going on to even think about training and my love for running had gone. 2 weeks ago I decided actually I’m not sure I have it in me to not even try!!!! I still could not talk myself into any kind of training but I got my trainers on and got out there for as many shortish runs I could muster. Too late to do any real work but maybe enough to get my legs prepared.


With thanks to my hubby not giving me any sympathy and telling me to just do it I got myself out there. Everything was against us with the weather and the route is not a pleasant one. It actually turned out to be better weather than we could have hoped for. Still miserable but no hurricanes or torrential rain as forecast.

The first couple of miles were tough. I was mentally talking to myself. Fighting with my “chimp” (this will make the perfect blog sometime). I’d jokingly (half serious though) said to my hubby to look up the route so that he would know how to rescue me.

I was sensible for the first time and decided I’d make the most of the pacers and stuck with them. I mustered up the mental motivation to try and at least do it in 2hrs (my PB is 2.03), but I really would have been happy to just finish.

I got to the last mile knowing I would at least knock off the 3minutes I had longed for at all my races, but somewhere deep inside and maybe the fact I knew I was going out for lunch after I decided to pull away from the pack and I picked up my pace for the last mile. My chip time came in at 1hr 58. I was a little in shock but likewise so was my husband who hadn’t made it to the finish line in time to see me, thinking he had all the time in the world (he’s in my bad books for this).

I have no idea how I did it but all I will say is if you knew the old me “if I can do it anyone can”. With just the right amount of determination and desire to prove to yourself that you are good enough!!!

For now I won’t be booking anymore half marathons. I enjoy them once I’m there but the training needs to be disciplined and timely and I would like to work on my speed rather than distance. So for now I’ll be booking 10k’s and who knows…. I may just change my mind!

Here I am enjoying one of my Coconut caramel bars followed by a much deserved treat meal for my nephews birthday….

Proud of my little collection, each one can tell a different story and each one shows how far I have come…

My growing collection!

Until next time…

Jaimee x

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